Customer-centric Development

Project Management standards emphasis the PROCESS behind every project.  The development process, based on traditional Project Management methodologies, is one that is predictable, sustainable, and easy to repeat.  It puts forth that every project goes through specific phases, and those phases should always occur in the same order and you should know exactly how long each phase will take.

But the creative process, in which new ideas are brainstormed, identified, fleshed out, and cultivated is not always precise.  You may schedule time to have a great idea, but in reality, that wonderful creative approach may come to you while you are sitting at a stop light, walking your dog, or thinking about lunch, regardless of when you scheduled to have the inspiration.

And yet, you have to manage that creative process so that your deadlines are met and your budget is used wisely. Use a creative process built upon a customer-centric approach to video, media and web development. Brainstorm sessions, concept research, script readings, creative brief feedback – at each stage of your project’s development, your Project Manager should communicate with you so that you know how the work is progressing.

Key Components of a Customer-Centric Development Process

  • Continuity of team – you should not have to explain your vision over and over; your Project Manager is your project champion and ensures continuity throughout development
  • Frequency of communication – you should always know where your project is and what’s coming up next; use a combination of collaboration tools to ensure you have the most updated information
  • Collaborative development – a creative project should start with knowledge exchange from both the provider and the Client to ensure accuracy
  • Project Follow Up – when your project is over, it shouldn’t mean your creative team stops working for you; feedback and follow up are critical as part of lessons learned

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